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City of Fresno Neighborhood Information

There are several resources available to our community through the City of Fresno. The Community Revitalization Division has created a PDF that has helpful information for neighbors.

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Below we have listed useful phone numbers as well as FAQ section. If you have any questions regarding any of these resources, you can contact the Community Revitalization Division:

Community Revitalization Division
City of Fresno
2600 Fresno Street, Room 3070
Fresno, CA 93721
Phone: (559) 621-8400

City of Fresno Contacts

  • General

    • City Information number: 621 – CITY (2489) // After Hours: 621-1100
    • Building Permits: 621-8084
    • Business Tax: 621-6880
    • City Council / Mayor: 621-8000
  • Community Revitalization

    • Weed Removal-Vacant Lots: 621-8400
    • Public Nuisance Issues: 621-8400
    • Inoperable Vehicles on private property: 621-8400
    • Farm Animals (in residential areas): 621-8400
    • RDA (Redevelopment Agency): 498-1885
    • Homebuyer Assistance / Senior Paint / Lead Paint Issues / Rental Rehab: 621-8300
    • Illegal Dumping Info: 621-8473
    • Illegally Parked/Inoperable Vehicles on city streets: 621-2085
  • Police and Fire

    • Police Department (Dispatch): 621-7000
    • Graffiti Hotline: 621-TAGS (621-8247)
    • Fire Department : 621-4000
    • Smoke Detectors: 621-4153
  • Public Utilities

    • Sewer Maintenance: 621-1496
    • Garbage (Solid Waste Division): 621-1452
    • Operation Cleanup (Solid Waste Division): 621-1452
    • Water Conservation: 621-5480
    • Utility Billing: 621-6888
    • Recycling Hotline: 621-1111
  • Public Utilities

    • Streetlights / Sidewalks / Potholes /Tree Service (Street Maintenance Division): 621-1492

Other Local Contacts

  • General

    • Fresno County Code Enforcement: 600-4550
    • Labor (Dept. of Labor—NLRB): 510-637-3300
    • Small Claims: 457-2174
  • Housing

    • CA Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing: 800-884-1684
    • Evictions: 1-888-498-FAIR (3247)
    • Fair Housing: 244-2950
    • Housing Authority: – Section 8: 443-8400 // Rehab: 445-8905
    • HUD: 487-5033
    • RENTSENSE (tenant/landlord disputes): 488-3500
    • Tenant / Landlord Disputes: 570-1200
  • Business

    • Better Business Bureau: 222-8111
    • CA Contractors Board: 800-321-2752
    • Small Business Administration (SBA): 587-5791
    • Chamber of Commerce: 495-4800
  • Medical

    • Health Department: 600-3229
    • Mental Health: 453-4099
    • Red Cross: 455-1000
  • Family Services

    • Adult Protective Services: 255-3383
    • Child Protective Services: 255-8320
    • CA Legal Services: 441-1611 OR 570-1200
    • Centro la Familia: 237-2961
    • Social Services (Adult and Family Intervention): 255-3383
    • Senior Assistance/Info: 453-4405
    • United Way: 211
  • Environmental

    • Environmental Health: 445-3357
    • Household Hazardous Waste: 600-4259
    • Animal Nuisance (SPCA): 233-7722
    • Flood Control (Metro Flood Control District): 456-3292
    • Mosquito Abatement: 268-6565
    • Poison Control: 445-1222
    • Ponding Basins (Metro Flood Control): 456-3292

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a “Violation”?

There are numerous items that can be a violation of the City of Fresno’s Municipal Code. The most common are: rubbish/junk/debris, illegal vehicle and RV storage, tall dry grass/weeds, parking on lawns, illegally placed signs, lack of landscape maintenance, over-sized vehicles, unfenced or green swimming pools, tarp/pole structures, and tarps attached to a building. For more information regarding these items you can visit our website.

How do I report a complaint?

Call 621-8400 and you can talk to a representative from 9:00 to 4:00, or leave a message. You can also use our web based reporting form.

Does the Community Revitalization offer presentations for groups?

Most definitely! We will talk about various code issues during a civic, church, or other type of forum. Call us at 621-8400 to set something up.

I would like to dispose of some tires. Who should I contact?

The City operates a waste tire facility where we will take your waste tires for a small fee. The dates and times for this are on an appointment basis and must be arranged in advance at 621-8400. The City also sponsors several “Waste Tire Amnesty Day” events.

Who do I contact for junk and debris, tall, dry grass, and weeds on a vacant lot?

Contact us at 621-8400, or you can use our online reporting form.

Can a vendor sell items on the street in front of a school or a church?

It is illegal for vendors to set up a semi-permanent location on any street corner or median within the City. Call us at 621-8400.

In my neighborhood, there are several inoperable vehicles, what can be done?

Inoperable vehicles on a vacant lot or residential property are a blight and often a hazard to the public. Call 621-8400 for assistance or use our online reporting form. Vehicles parked on City streets should be reported to the City’s Streets Division at 621-1492.

There is a house in our neighborhood that is vacant and in poor condition.

While it is not against the Fresno Municipal Code to have a vacant house; having one that is blighted is. Long term, vacant buildings often have overgrowth, deteriorating roofs, faded/chipped siding or paint, etc. It is best that we check out every reported vacant building regardless if it is open to the public or not. This way, we can determine if the property and house are blighted enough to address with our Vacant Building Ordinance. You may call our primary number at 621-8400 to report a suspected violation or visit our website.