Fall Festival Festivities

The Lowell Neighborhood has relationships and diversity at it’s core.

As an association, our goal is to preserve and continue the Lowell legacy.

What is LNA & UDF?

We are a united partnership of two distinct groups, one in English (Lowell Neighborhood Association) and one in Spanish (Union de Familias), joined by a common board. Unlike most associations in Fresno, we do not require membership or membership fees. We represent anyone living in the boundaries defined as “The Triangle” created by Highway 180, Divisadero Street, and Blackstone Avenue.

We have bi-monthly meetings at the Dickey Youth Development Center and always encourage neighbors to come see what is happening in Lowell. We serve as a connecting hub for the Lowell Community and are always looking to connect neighbors to each other. If you are interested in partnering with the Lowell Neighborhood, please contact us.  We would love to hear your ideas!

Our Mission

Our desire is to enhance the livability of the residents of the Lowell Neighborhood and Fresno by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison among the neighborhood, government & non-profit agencies, and other neighborhoods.


Every year, different organizations, schools, churches, and businesses contribute to different projects throughout Lowell. It is amazing to look back at the end of the year and see how much was accomplished in Lowell. Listed below are the accomplishments from 2012.

  • Excelling in Education

    • Lowell Elementary API improvement
    • Kepler Neighborhood Charter | The school was approved by FUSD and their launch grant was approved
  • New Developments

    • Opening of the Lowell Community Garden | In partnership of Americorp, Fresno Metro Ministry and Every Neighborhood Partnership
    • Opening of Alta Monte
    • Opening of the Veterans Home on Calaveras
    • Dickey Park Improvements | Cracks were filled in on the basketball court and two new volleyball courts were built
  • Launch Efforts

    • English classes at World Impact
    • Launch of Tenants Together efforts in Lowell
    • Launch of the first Lowell Newsletter
  • Events

    • First College Avenue Fall Craft Festival
    • Lowell Community Garden Party | In partnership of Americorp, Fresno Metro Ministry and Every Neighborhood Partnership
    • The annual Lowell Elementary Anti-Bullying Celebration | This school year will be the third annual celebration
    • Multi-church Thanksgiving potluck at Dickey Park
    • Multi-church Thanksgiving potluck on College Ave
  • Housing Advancements

    • Lowell Community Development Corporation | Infill home on Calaveras as well as several rehabbed homes with new homeowners
    • Completion of the Park Avenue homes by the Fresno City College HUD rehab program
    • The rehab projects by FUND
  • Urban Landscape

    • Several Lowell properties were added to the Local Register of Historic Resources
    • New sidewalks on Fulton street and other Lowell streets
    • Several trees were planted in front of the Evangel Home

Taking Steps Forward

As a neighborhood association, we have a few priorities for 2013 that we would like to address. At the Lowell Community Meeting on February 11th, 2013, we took a survey to see what concerns had the most priority in our neighborhood. The top three concerns were:

  • Slumlord Accountability
  • Gang activity, drugs and violence
  • Safety at Dickey’s and San Pablo Parks

As an association, we have noticed our neighborhood being affected by each of these concerns. Our effort this year is to focus on what is needed to take steps forward in addressing these issues. We desire to advocate and inform our residents of their rights as tenants and community members.

Slumlord accountability is one that we have already started working on towards the end of 2012. We created a video that is featured on Community Stories that addresses this issue. This video, “Slumlords in our Community” was made by Lowell residents and for Lowell residents to bring awareness to the city and to our community that slumlord accountability is a top priority for 2013.